Panther Dog Harness -dark

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This collar is made from Faux-fur but is as graceful and sleek looking as it's namesake big-cat.

Our harness can be adjusted at five different points ensuring extreme comfort, fit and security for your dog. Optimal fit for even the 'hard to fit' pooches. This harness opens on both sides so your BFF does not have to step in. Made by us in Maine from the same high quality USA-made materials as our collars and leashes. Comes with sturdy and 'curved for comfort' nickel hardware.

A matching leash and collar can be purchased seaprately.

Availalbe sizes:
  • XS - Chest: 15.7" to 19.5" in 3/4" band width
  • S- Chest: 19.5" to 23.5" in 3/4" band width
  • M - Chest: 23.5" to 27.5" in 3/4" band width
  • S - Chest: 19.5" to 23.5" in 1" band width
  • M - Chest: 23.5" to 27.5" in 1" band width
  • L - Chest: 27.5" to 35.5" in 1" band width
  • XL - Chest: 35.5" to 39.5" in 1" band width

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